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Tom Harlow
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Feb 27, 2013
Dec 25, 2010
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Boylesque Performer, Cabaret Singer

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Tom Harlow

Newbie, from Glasgow

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Feb 27, 2013
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    Boylesque Performer, Cabaret Singer
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    Tom Harlow, the only boy made of sugar and spice and everything nice. Tom Harlow is a male Burlesque/"Boylesque" performer and Cabaret singer. He is a trained singer, actor and dancer and has training in ballet, jazz and contemporary dance along with classical and musical theatre vocal training. He has been performing since Dec 2010 and has performed all over the UK, delighting audiences with his manly moves and boyish good looks. Some of his highlights so far include:

    Candid Cabaret Hogmany, Edinburgh
    Red Ribbon Ball, Glasgow Uni
    Ladies Night, Aberdeen,
    Magic Faraway Cabaret, Edinburgh Fringe
    Tricity Vogue Ukelele Cabaret (Winner), Edinburgh Fringe
    Candid Cabaret, Edinburgh Fringe
    Kink Bijou- Festival of Erotic Arts, Edinburgh
    Boylesque Idol (Winner) , London
    Time for Tease, Inverness
    Casa Bellini Burlesque, Newcastle
    The Riding Room, Glasgow (Resident Performer)
    Finger in the Pie Cabaret, London
    The Wet Spot, Leeds Gutter Lane, Edinburgh
    Dolly Tartan Presents, Glasgow
    Pin Up Nights Ladies Night, Glasgow Confusion Is Sex, Edinburgh

    Acts available for booking
    Videos and pictures are available on my website and fb profile.

    Blanc and Grind (Fan Dance)
    Down and Dirty, feathery and fierce. Tom Harlow nearly has your eye out in this bump and grind tease. Tom will have you on the edge of your seat trying to see behind the feather and into his defiant eyes.

    Candyman (Signature Act)
    Tom Harlow is the Candyman, the boy made of sugar and spice and everything nice. He makes your wishes come true with his giant lollipop in hand. But Tom isn't always sweet and nice; he is a little bit naughty too.

    Harlow Nocturne (Classic Tease)
    Tom is all alone and waiting for you to come to bed. He starts dreaming delicious dreams and begins undressing. Slipping out of his silk pajamas, just watch as he has to wrap himself back up in mink fur to keep warm. Don't you wanna come to bed?

    Pour Homme
    Tom pays homage to Jean Paul Gautier and the homo erotic art of Tom of Finland. This act is filled with smoke, sensuality and the strong underlying currents of homo erotic forbidden pleasures.

    Sub Rosa (Exotica Act)
    Sub Rosa” literally means “under the rose" and hidden under the roses delicate petals many secrets lie. This act is a treatfor your senses, with gorgeous, extravagant red silk a dash of rose petals, the pure beauty of the desert rose all mixed with the heat of Arabian night. Sub Rosa” is exotic, lush and hypnotic.

    What they say about Tom Harlow ?

    Boylesque Idol Winner June 2012 – Madame JoJo’s, London

    “The baby of the bunch at just 21. A penchant for edible props and show tunes means that he can often be found baptizing himself in Bollinger to Big Spender or licking a giant lollipop to Candyman.”
    Times Newspaper – Who’s who of British Boylesque- Nov 2011

    “ ... toned and rangy as a racehorse, striking poses and throwing shapes all pelvic thrust and defiant eyes.
    Had Hen Broon hung out at Studio 54 he might have looked rather like Tom Harlow."
    Scotland on Sunday

    "The ‘Boylesque’ styling’s of Tom were another highlight … Harlow's routine was well structured and his movements were sharp – I presume this was a shining example of taking one’s clothes off the right way. I also enjoyed his rough-and-ready rendition of ‘Taylor the Latte Boy’ – one of my favourite songs – which showed a commitment to the gender-bending tradition of burlesque."
    BroadwayBaby.com for Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2011

    "I love working with Tom Harlow. As well as being a talented and dynamic performer, he's a great team player, great fun and up for anything. " Tina Warren - Club Noir

    "With every leap and bound Tom whipped the audience up into a frenzied applause. A new face in the world of Boylesque and one not to be missed. Tom is the epitome of tease with his boyish looks and manly moves. Casa Bellini would be honoured to have Tom come perform again" Constance Peach-Casa Bellini Burlesque

    “Tom is a fairly new Boylesquer but has enthusiasm in buckets and is definitely one to watch with his exuberant and kitsch routines” Wild Card Kitty for Burlesque Bible Magazine

    Tom was recently featured on the cover of ScotsGay Magazine in issue 125 May 2012

    For more details on Tom Harlow contact him on
    [email protected]
    And don’t forget to find him on FB, Twitter and check out his website too.

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