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Burlesque nights / clubs - Midlands

Discussion in 'Burlesque And Cabaret Chat' started by Ditziblonde, May 9, 2010.

  1. Ditziblonde

    Ditziblonde Newbie

    Hi... hoping someone out there can help!!

    I am looking for a recommended burlesque night / club in the midlands area suitable for a burlesque virgin... Any suggestions would be gratefully received!!!

    Many Thanks

    Char :)
  2. Miss D

    Miss D Newbie

    Oooh there are simply too many to list right now - need to sign off before I go to sleep. Brum (My former stomping ground) Burton, Notts, Northampton, Derby - depends where in Staffs you are. Several are listed on this very forum ;)

    However if you can get to Birmingham relatively easily there is an abundance of burlesque - much of which is advertised in this section. Keep your eyes peeled!
  3. oh gosh there really is loads in the midlands, but all i know is birmingham. and theres a fair bit there. try googling red rocks, black country burlesque, enchanted burlesque, candy box burlesque... i keep meaning to do a blog or something listing when theyre all on but erm, i have no idea how. someone should though!
  4. Heresy_n_Heelz

    Heresy_n_Heelz Junior Member

    "Heresy n Heelz" is a Fusion of Decadent Dance, Alternative Culture & Cutting-Edge Burlesque, with fantastic DJ's & more alt-eye-candy than you shake a crop at. It’s one of the best dressed club nights in the country and we stage some of the best performers in the world !

    You will be amongst a crowd of 300 fabulously dressed guests being entertained by a production showcasing some of the biggest stars of Burlesque & Twisted Cabaret, accompanied by a large market area, sideshow performers, great DJ’s and even a photo studio.

    May 22nd event features 2 of the UK’s best loved burlesque queens Beatrix Von Bourbon & Diva Hollywood, with a great supporting line-up and a 2 hour exclusive vinyl dance set from DJ Karnter to close, not to mention the return of our very scary resident compère Rosie Lugosi !

    Its more of a full-on club night (till 3am) woven around a big burlesque stageshow, so its certainly very different from many other nights. Its held at The Asylum Venue in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham with lots of free parking, or only a short walk from train/tram/town. More info at http://www.heresynheelz.co.uk

    Hope the suggestion helps.

    H n H
  5. ah of course heresy and heels! (still havent been to one...grrr)

    if you get to see diva hollywood and beatrix von bourbon at your first burlesque night, then you are sure to be impressed and come back for more! and heresy and heels has the advantage of being very soon :)
  6. Ditziblonde

    Ditziblonde Newbie


    Thanks for all of your suggestions... I am just a short train ride or half hour drive from Birmingham but got nowhere sensible with google!!

    Heresy n Heelz sounds fab although I am busy on 22nd :( but will definately check out the website for further dates. This is actually something I was planning on doing for my birthday with a small group of friends end of August / beginning of September time but if I get chance to check some places out ahead of that then better still!!!

    Will be keeping my eyes peeled around the forum... Thanks again xx
  7. Hi Ditzi I run blackcountryburlesque we have a facebook group Black Country Burlesque | Facebook and website Untitled

    next few shows we have on are

    29th MAY - NEWBIE SHOW at THE BEAR TAVERN in Bearwood

    4th JUNE - NEWBIE SHOW at THE CITY TAVERN in Birmingham

    2nd JULY - NEWBIE SHOW at THE CITY TAVERN in Birmingham




    Hope to see you at one of the shows soon
  8. luliblue

    luliblue Junior Member

    I for one can really recommend the Black Country Burlesque events, their really good people to work with and the audiences are really supportive! Good luck! x
  9. Having recently lost our burlesque virginity I can highly recommend Enchanted Burlesque.
    Their next show is 17th Sept. Which might fit your needs.
    We are going Heresy n Heels soon too so I can feedback on that also if you wish.
  10. Thank You Luli

    Heresy n Heelz have a great nite lined up on 22nd May at THE Asylum i should be there as Beatrix von Bourbon, Diva Hollywood, Peski Deville and Satine Di Monte are all on

    I also be at Teazed up the nite before to support Twinkel Pink, Cherry Stone and Von Vamp its held at Scruffy Murphy in centre of brummieland
  11. LeKeuxEvents

    LeKeuxEvents Newbie

    Candy Cabaret

    Hey there, I run Candy Cabaret which tours Warwickshire and features tons of fabulous acts, live music and we run vintage hair and make-up tutorials and burlesque classes before hand. Check out our website for up and coming events Vintage... xx