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Burlesque Scene in Bournemouth

Discussion in 'Burlesque And Cabaret Chat' started by Teasy Pleasy, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. Teasy Pleasy

    Teasy Pleasy Newbie

    We are Dorset's Premier Burlesque Revue and hosting evenings of inexpensive live entertainment in sumptuous surroundings...
    If you are interested to perform in one of our shows please get in touch :):):)

    either here or send us a mail with details of your acts and fees: teasypleasy@btinternet.com

    Many thanks and looking forward to all your mails
    Teasy Pleasy
  2. Is the Burlesque scene still active in Bournemouth? Is Miss Annie still around?

  3. Teasy Pleasy

    Teasy Pleasy Newbie

    Yes it is more than ever.
    Do you mean Annie from Rubys? She is still around x
  4. Thought Annie had given up and closed her business down. So, where does the Burlesque take place then, it used to be Rubyz only once upon a time.
  5. I will put this here for the time being till I know more or Annie doe sit for me type thing.

    On the 28th March at RUBYZ in Bournemouth there is to be a 60's style Burlesque a go-go type show.

    As I say, more to follow when I know or Annie puts it up.
  6. Miss Annie

    Miss Annie Newbie

    Oh yes I am still here!!!! And Burlesque is still going very strong at Rubyz - this is our third year there - we are still teaching and have a fabulous Burlesque & Cabaret revue coming up on Sunday 28th March 2010 starring the fabulous Beatrix Von Bourbon, Mysti Vine, Chris Cross, Rose Thorne, our usual students debut as The Kitty Kat Kittens and of course my band, The Regular Joes!!!

    I will be posting more details on a seperate thread shortly, just waiting for images!!!
  7. Miss Annie

    Miss Annie Newbie

    It's nice to be remembered John, thank you.

    The Birdcage moved from the Triangle to downstairs at Rubyz - what was the Birdcage is now Bar Beyond, same owners!!!

  8. Ah right! I did wonder what had happened. So, what is the line up for this Valentines show Annie? And, how much are the tickets for poor, senile old togs:)

    And, at great risk of sounding all soppy etc. I will always remember you Annie. Your stage presence, dancing, teaching, singing etc all go together to put on a bloody great show.
  9. Miss Annie

    Miss Annie Newbie

    I don't have a Burlesque show on on Valentines night this year - We have a lovely 4 course valentines dinner downstairs at The Birdcate and I will be singing some classic jazz & swing standards!! I think the price is £29.95 each but attached the flyer which has all the details xx
  10. Thanks for that Annie.