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Feather Bustles - how to make

Discussion in 'Fashion/Make-Up' started by Suzuki Sparks, Sep 8, 2009.

  1. Suzuki Sparks

    Suzuki Sparks Newbie

    This is probably and easy question but i need to make a las vegas type showgirl outfit - and would love to include a feather boa bustle ( ain't got the skills for a fantail)
    has anyone got any idea how to start this? All i can think of is the basic attach to elastic to tie round waist.

  2. Roo

    Roo Newbie

    an easy non sewing method might be to try some ribbon around the middle of each boa at intervals, then use the ribbon to try around your waist. Ive always sewn mine, but the PrinciPles the same.

    sorry i cant do a P unless its in caPitals for some reason...:question:
  3. MissHettie

    MissHettie Junior Member

    yep.. i make mine with ribbon and tieing it round feather boars at intervals as roo described. there is another thread elsewhere with more info if you search.